Any path will do

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time since I updated this site! I originally launched Adventures of Geo just to chronicle my overseas trips, but I figure that doesn’t mean I can’t make use of it in the off-season as well! Maybe if I actually stick to my guns, you’ll see updates on a semi-regular, […]

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Day 14: Rotorua to Whangamata

Day 14 Distance Traveled: 180 km (Trip Total: 3393 km) Sorry for the delay in posting this everyone. Day 14 takes me north, from the volcanic lakes of Rotorua to the small coastal town of Whangamata. The ride north starts out relatively uneventful. Once I make it beyond Rotorua, the land becomes hilly and farmland-y. The […]

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Day 13: Taupo to Rotorua

Day 13 Distance Traveled: 135 km (Trip Total:  3213 km) Today is my shortest riding day yet. To be honest, I’m a little glad for it. My knuckle joints hurt, I have a kink in my neck, and I have the faintest twinge of a hangover headache. Last night I walked down to the street to an […]

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Day 12: Napier to Taupo

Day 12 Distance Traveled: 173 km (Trip Total: 3078 km) Howdy y’all. Today has been quite the fun day with many many pictures taken. Thankfully, the internet here on the North Island is pretty awesome, so I’ll upload a good chunk for everyone to enjoy. Today started off kind of gray, much to my disappointment. The […]

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Day 11: Wellington to Napier

Day 11 Distance Traveled: ~335km (Trip total: 2905 km) Today has been a simple, but very enjoyable day so far, thanks to meeting some more fantastic people. I sleep in late, and check out of my hotel just before the 10am cutoff. The weather is gray again this morning, and I set off under a […]

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