“The Adventures of Geo” is live!

Hi everyone! This will be the place to find all the updates from my upcoming trip to New Zealand, and hopefully, other great adventures to follow in its wake. There’s nothing really interesting to post at the moment as I’m furiously attempting to do some responsible chores before flying home for Christmas. I’m also eating a sandwich.

...I'm so lonely
Every adventure begins with the finest of meals

Mmmmmm. Tasty.

I intend to post to this blog at the end of each day during my trip so my friends and family and perhaps the very rare internet passerby can follow my adventure in real-time. The trip doesn’t start until New Year’s Eve, but I’ll probably have a few more posts leading up to my departure.

Thanks for dropping by!



7 thoughts on ““The Adventures of Geo” is live!

  1. Enjoy. I’m on may way out to a session at the Errigle here in Belfast tonight. Pints, music and old friends… what could be better. Hmmm…. driving through the NZ mountains on a motorcycle? Tough call that!


  2. I enjoy reading your daily blog and take the opportunity to live vicariously through you and your adventures. Keep it up and ride safely. BTW, your absence is noticed.


    1. Thanks, Rick!

      Look, can you cover for me while I’m gone? I really don’t do much. Just tell Nate and Chris to make arbitrary and difficult plumbing changes. If they question you, just say it’s to “close the cycle”.


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