New Life in a New Land

こんいちわ! Hello everyone, my name is Geo, and welcome to my blog! I’m an American writer and engineer who has recently moved to Japan, so I will be using my Travel Blog “Adventures of Geo” to bring you updates and snapshots of what that life looks like, from grand adventures to simple pleasures and discoveries. […]

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Days 12 and 13 – The Last Hurrah

Day 12  Today I sleep in and get some beauty rest after all the mountaineering and walking of Hachijojima. I’m amused to learn there’s a Denny’s down the street from my hotel, so have to check it out. Could it be out here in Tokyo you can get the same “Grand Slam” breakfast with bacon […]

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Day 11 – Hot springs in Hachijojima

My second day in Hachijojima is my final day on the island. If I had a few more days, I’d probably jump in on some Scuba diving or deep sea fishing action, but I won’t have time for that today. The sun rises early out here, and before 8am I’m downstairs enjoying a simple but […]

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Day 10 – Tokens of the Present, Prayers for the Future

Today I turned 30 years old. From the time I was born until now, the Earth has gone through approximately 11,957 rotations. That’s 263,000 hours, or 15,800,000 minutes, or about 1.2 Million beats of my own heart to bring me to this exact point in time. Pretty remarkable when you think about it. Sadly, I […]

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Day 9 – A Taste of Tokyo

Today is a bit of an “off day” for me in that it involves a more significant amount of travel, changing home base from Osaka to Tokyo, just for one day, so I can catch my flight early in the morning to Hachijojima for my birthday on the 15th. After packing up my things, I […]

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Day 8 – Please feed the animals

Day 8 brings me to Nara. Once it was the ancient capital of Japan back in the 700’s, but now it’s a clean and smallish city off 300,000 or so people accessible by train about an hour from Osaka or Kyoto. There are again a lot of foreign tourists here and from all over, and […]

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Day 7 – Pilgrims in our own time

Day 7 is a notable day not just because it’s the half-way mark of my trip in Japan, but because today was probably one of the first actual sunny days I’ve had this whole time! It’s great not carrying an umbrella everywhere. Megumi-san made another wonderful breakfast for me, this time a stew and a […]

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